Ine launches S.N.O.W.

December 26, 2003 · 0 comments

Ine in Tel Aviv last April, S.N.O.W. -Self Narratives On the Web- was still in a conceptual phase. Putting up projects with this amount of vision, belief and soul is a daring task. But for persons like Ine, the sky is not the limit: so it didn’t really came as a suprise to see the official launch of it.

The vision behind S.N.O.W. is unique. The aims of it is to have youngsters of conflicting communities talk; to use the power of dialogue to harmonize. The initial project of snow will bring 3 classes of children in Israel and the Palestinian Territories to tell their narratives.

Bookmark SnowBlog in your browser, it will travel the world and make a better place of it. This can count as a Xmass message…

Keep up the good work Ine. Looking forward to the Sunday brunch.