“Photoblogging- A source for self expression”

February 25, 2004 · 0 comments

Jimmy Green on the Phenomenon of PhotoBlogging.
I asked him to have a critil peep on PhotoBlog…. Curious.

“I have had an interest in photography for many years now, but since using the internet more frequently for my photography and developing an online presence my skills and experiences have doubled in speed, it has helped me in so many ways both creatively and informatively, I have joined a few forums, become involved with various online photographic communities and uploaded and maintained an online portfolio of work at Jimbus.

I would say that the internet contributes to over 60% of my photographic hobby, the only problems I have really had is minimal html knowledge, this has affected me recently when I started to try and set up my own photoblog. I had seen many interesting and varied photoblogs online and decided to try and start my own, I liked the idea of having a site that was updated frequently, a place where I could upload new photos to share with other people, so I started to look around. After getting some advice from other people it appeared to me that I needed to use some kind of blogging engine.”