Strategy and customer myopia: mobile operators threatened by… (who?)

February 25, 2004 · 0 comments

Nokia announced its first Wi-Fi enabled GSM communicator phone. You’ll be able to make voice calls without having to pay ridiculous mobile operator fees. Other mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Ericsson will no doubt incorporate Wi-Fi in future products.

It has been 18 months ago since I have a speech to the complete set of product managers of one of Belgium’s leading mobile operators… That is 540 days… I hope they are ready to take the challenge. Like I wrote in my previous posting: everything is open, ‘assets’ and ‘infrastructure’ are not what they used to be….

Meanwhile marketeers keep preeching that technology is not driving deman, that we should focus on customer demands. Like my grandmother asking three years ago ‘that she wanted to connected her GSM to a meshed network of open access points in order to lower the unfairly high communication costs her mobile operator was charging her’… yeah sure.
I hope Porter gave the strategic light to all the mobile operators

Meanwhile I can’t wait to buy the 9500…