Oldschool photography

April 27, 2004 · 0 comments

These pictures were taken by US soldiers using cheap digicams and they tell a story without the ‘fluffy’ philosophical edge: the war through the lens of a US soldier.

I wished there were more ‘oldschool’ photographers among us. The ones who bite the dust, shoot without telling the story, leaving the interpretation to us, not caring about the framing, just digging deeper.

And aparently ‘oldschool’ is getting a wider support in this area of 8 million pixel cameras.
I just ordered myself a Lensbaby for my 10D. The result looks very much like the result of a Lomo . The charm of this lens is just the fact that it is imprecise; it obliges you to think of focusing left, right, front and back; giving you a fresh perspective on ths situation in front of your lens as such.

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