Brand Management is dead

October 30, 2004 · 0 comments

“Brand management” is an oxymoron, because it assumes a brand is determined from the top-down. It isn’t. In that sense, branding is not only dead; it was never alive.”

Every marketeer should subscribe to Hugh’s RSS feed. His recent post on branding illustrates my judgement on branding.

In Belgium, the debate never got fired in the first place, a “branding professional” is still a respected person. Yet, the last days the arguments on branding have been raging in blogosphere. Saatchi’s, the famous ad agency, got so sick of the debate they decided to throw out the word “brand” altogether and replace it with “Lovermarks”

I think this quote of Hugh concludes the debate in a more original way:

The purpose of advertising is not to sell the product, but to ‘express and articulate the entrepreneurial drive that informs the purpose and the idea of the product’.

Still wondering why I think Murielle should be nominated marketer of the year 2004?