iPod Photo – voice rules

October 28, 2004 · 0 comments

the new Samsung ‘all in one’ and admitted, it’s has cool specs. Yet, it wil not sell, the combi mobile phone has no perceived longevity. The new iPod has.
I’m not going to rave on the new iPod, it has been covered on zillions of Blogs worldwide. Just buy it, it is the ideal companion for avid podcasting PhotoBloggers.

Still, I’m not going to buy the new iPod myself. You still cannot record with it. Of course, you can plug in a belkin or Griffin mic; I have both. But even then, you cannot really record with it. The primary problem with these devices is an Apple system software limitation rather than a peripheral design limitation: the iPod is currently constrained to recording in mono WAV format sound at a mere 8 KHz, which restricts the utility of each company’s “recorder” to strictly voice recording applications. No matter how superb the microphone (or other audio source) you connect, the recording quality will always be comparatively low-grade, and because of the WAV format, will consume a huge amount of space. And converting to MP3 is virtually impossible unless you use antipop or Glitcheliminator.

Like I said, the iPod Photo has a perceived longevity, Apple is already working on a next release with highbitrate MP3 recording and after that video and after that…

For now, I’m going for the Creative Labs Micro Zen; voice rules.

Apparently anachistic Generation C is not so compatible with anti-consumerism.