October 31, 2004 · 0 comments

“We wanted to create an airline where flying could become a genuine pleasure, and where paying less wouldn’t equate to lowered standards for service, comfort and style. We wanted a straight-forward, honest and user-friendly airline, an airline that when it promises everyday low prices in our tickets, those prices really exist. We wanted an airline with friendly people, new planes, no delays and no overbooking. Is this asking a lot? We don’t think so.
At Vueling, we’re achieving it. Pass it on !”

I had never heared of Vueling before. Rudy of Randomone referred me to them informing me that they were cheaper than Virgin. Except from being informed that they fly brandnew Airbus 320’s, I had no clue what to expect. Let me tell you, the experience has no comparison with Virgin’s overmarketed service.
What a feeling, a service consistent with a company statement to the smallest detail ! Brand Management is indeed dead, I’m passing on the word: try Vueling when you’re flying to Barcelona or Valencia and compare to the Virgin Express ‘brand experience’, you will follow suit and pass the word…