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November 30, 2005 · 0 comments

Mobile Deluxe today. More on Mobile Deluxe later. Actually, I would glady love the honours to Rudy to interview Henrike Caroline Kahl in his stunningly well written “Women in mobile” column. Knowing Rudy’s passion for Brazil(ian music) I think it would make a very intriguing posting. Sidenote: Rudy, you have no idea how droopy we were today not being able to attend the MuliMob event in London; especially knowing that Cibelle is spinning tonight.

I’ve been testing the just-release WordPress.com, the hosted version of WordPress and was amazed. No wonder Peter choosed WordPress to run Brussels Blogt on.

The only thing I’m missing are really good WordPress themes designers here in Brazil. Patricia is sheerly overworked. If anybody knows any here in Rio: shout. Got plenty of work for them.