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Microsoft Messenger tip for Sylvie | John Baeyens

Microsoft Messenger tip for Sylvie

November 21, 2006 · 1 comment

A tip for Sylvie Irzi to take to the US for (urgent) implementation.

Simone just activated her own fmendonca dot com domain-name and asked me how she could change her displayed primary e-mail in MSN.  While she asked I realised I’m also still using my (very) old MSN login e-mail address, of which I never ever check mail. 
Change of MSN e-mail; peace of cake I think. Let’s login on my Live account.

Not. While it is possible to add and change a secondary mail address it is impossible to change the primary e-mail address which is actually displayed in MSN.  
I’m apparently not the only one left bedazed.

Sylvie, what’s the logics behind this routine?