Around the world

April 29, 2007 · 2 comments

True, Belgians travel a lot, they say…. But the Southern hemisphere remains virgin territory for many.
Update of my map reveals that Australia / Pacific will always remain virgin territory for me; would rather wander through the Darien Gap than going to Australia.

6 countries to go and my favorite continent Latin America is all red ! Yeah, I call it Latin America because I consider Portuguese to be a Latin language and yes contrary what Americans (read: the morons living North from Mexico) believe, South/Latin America is a continent !
Meanwhile proud that every since my clash in transit in Miami when flying from Costa Rica to Brussels in 2001, I’ve sticked to my promise of never setting foot in the US again, I just wished could also say I have never bought a US product ever since.  Almost… after all many Intel chips are made in the same Costa Rica.