Redbox > Facebox > Netlog = 5 mio EU

April 27, 2007 · 0 comments

The most interesting person to hear at Barcamp Brussels?  Jurriaan Persyn of Redbox, no Netlog.
No Belgian Blogger  wrote a decent word on Incrowd or Facebox the last 5 years.  Which is good, it’s a unspoken truth that Belgian Blogger juice is reverse proportional to the real success of Belgian (online) ventures.  Lorenz his strategy was smart: stay of the radar of Belgian Bloggers, if they have influence, it can only be a marginal negative influence.  What counts is media who do have influence.
A social platform which, contrary to applications like Twitter, has been profiteable since years; 17 million users, of which a majority Spanish & Portuguese speaking, smart pragmatic minds behind it and…
Since yesterday they have their series A financing from Index Ventures and Atomico, the investment fund of Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis.
The investment took place in a new company: Netlog SA, so new that no information on it is yet available.  I first thought Lorenz went offshore after all, but no, a proud Belgian as he is, the company is a Belgian SA.
Too bad Lorenz himself isn’t at Barcamp.