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July 2007

Nutsbedrijven, verzekeringsmaatschappijen, immigranten en IQ

July 25, 2007

Het begon bij de callcenters van de mobiele bedrijven en nu verspreid het fenomeen zich naar alle nutsbedrijven en verzekeringsmaatschappijen.  Eerste generatie immigranten die ze aan het front als kanonnenvlees voeren.  In een de loopgraven van de voorstedelijke callcenters worden ze, wegens totaal gebrek aan informatie, een nog steeds te gebrekkige kennis van het Nederlands en […]

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Feios, sujos e malvados

July 20, 2007

Marco Aurélio Garcia, I’d love to play ball with him and Waldir Pires. [youtube]dai2DYOiu9U[/youtube]

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TAM flight JJ 3054

July 18, 2007

Congonhas is a crazy airport.  It’s Sao Paulo’s smaller airport located in the middle of the city.  The international airport Guarulhos is far away from the city center (Sao Paulo being a monstreous big city), so when you go down to Sao Paulo for a day you fly from Rio Santos Dumont to Sao Paulo […]

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July 17, 2007

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Brazilian ethanol and Belgian news

July 16, 2007

Dutch journalists…  It is truly amazing how propaganda items like these reach the Belgian news unchecked. The supposedly objective information : 1. “Brazil is the 4th biggest CO2 polluter worldwide and the main reason for this is not the industry or cars, but the burning of cane fields”. My answer: this is absurd.  Below is […]

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Speedo Break

July 14, 2007

The new National Aquatic Park was opened last Sunday in Rio with a great show.  Any girls who need more convincing to come tp our wedding in November? 

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Boris Bogaert & Lorenz Bogaert

July 11, 2007

Not only Luc Lammens quits Punch, also Boris Bogaert, ex country Manager of Punch Telematix closes the Punch door and joins his brother Lorenz at Netlog.  Boris becomes Sales Director Benelux at Netlog.   I’ve seen Boris in his early sales days working for me at PING and British Telecom, a great man and an even greater sales talkent.  […]

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