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September 2007

Not just emerging, but on top

September 30, 2007

I read Jos Bouveroux’s post on VRTnieuws today.  He sees doomdays for Belgian appearing: “Terecht jubelen onze bedrijfsleiders over de succeseconomie van China. Het is – samen met India en Brazilië – de enige motor van onze vooruitgang. Maar tegelijk worden wij langzamerhand gedegradeerd tot slechts toeleveranciers, liefst van grondstoffen waarmee de Chinezen dan kunnen […]

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The girl of Ipanema

September 17, 2007

We didn’t count on many people really coming from abroad to our wedding in Rio de Janeiro on November 10th.  Many told us they would try to come, but we were sceptical on the number of people actually making that come true.  Not many people have ever traveled to South America, let be Portuguese speaking […]

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Will Brazil and Portugal Ever Agree on a Common Language?

September 9, 2007

Yesterday my Portuguese classes started again.  We are 17 this year.  Actually 11 of the people present in class want to study Brazilian Portuguese.  A girls who’s father is Brazilian but left back to Brazil long ago, she wishes to visit her family there and speak some Brazilian, someone who plans to work for Tractebel […]

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Meanwhile in Belgium and Brazil

September 5, 2007

I hear it more often these days: what difference does it make if Belgian has a government or not?  Just reading the news on ‘chaotic third world Brazil’ last week, I think there’s work enough on the plate.  Not to ‘run Belgium’, but to make sure ‘Belgium keeps running in this world’.  Bless Europe for […]

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