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October 2007

Startup Camp Brasil

October 31, 2007

Marco, how can you organise the first StartupCamp Brasil on November 10th, my wedding day? I’m trying to convincen my wife I’ll be flying in from Sao Paulo just in time for the ceremony at 8pm; hard call though. StartupCamp is a initiative of Marcos Gomes of Boobox and the clever boys from Monashees Capital; […]

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The Brazilian social networking scene

October 31, 2007

Last week Flickr launched it’s Brazilian version with a party in MUBE. Myspace also launched today it’s Brazilian version. The Brazilian market is a truly unique testbed and catalyser for any web initiative; yet the guys of Not So-So are months late in launching their Spanish and Portuguese version. Yet an early stage application like […]

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Rio 2014 & 2016

October 30, 2007

It’s certain, the world cup 2014 will take place in Rio. Let’s hope two years later, in 2016, the Summer Olympics will also take place in Rio.

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October 29, 2007

Chosing music for November 10th and the DJs are surprised we have Belgian groups with Brazilian lyrics. The first Carioca words (mind the ‘terra’ rrrr-pronounciation in the song) I could utter were: Olha o meninio que dança O seu corpo a balancar E as vezes também canta Lalale lalalela [youtube]NEpgbK5IJF0[/youtube] Realising now Arsenal had quite […]

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Myopia: state of the economy

October 28, 2007

Watch this video of Fox, dated December 2006, 10 months ago. [youtube]6XtQoZAqjc8[/youtube] You all now by now that Merill Lynch reported last week a 2,3 billion US$ loss against a 3 billion US$ profit last year. All analysts were taken by complete surprise, since most lack any deep-digging foresight. Meanwhile Leterme promises the Belgians 200.000 […]

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The war over the war on drugs

October 25, 2007

The real questions in Tropa de Elite are not about the violence in Rio.  Beyond subjective perceptive, South Africa is a much more violent country then Rio de Janeiro is. The real questions: what is the real objective of BOPE?  Is it to fight drugs, like David Muray, chief scientist of the US Office of […]

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Tropa de Elite

October 24, 2007

Toen ik Cidade de Deus in 2002 zag, wist ik dat ik op een of andere manier iets met Brazilië te maken zou krijgen.  Het Braziliaanse geweld roept in Vlaanderen een simplistisch reactie van gruwel op.  De realiteit is van een andere complexe orde.  Het leven in onze Vlaamse welvaartstaat is enigszins artificieel en zelfs […]

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