The war over the war on drugs

October 25, 2007 · 5 comments

The real questions in Tropa de Elite are not about the violence in Rio.  Beyond subjective perceptive, South Africa is a much more violent country then Rio de Janeiro is.

The real questions: what is the real objective of BOPE?  Is it to fight drugs, like David Muray, chief scientist of the US Office of National Drug Control Policy is fighting drugs?
I am convinced drugs will be legalised in a not-so-far future.  The number of new drug substances coming our way is beyond imagination.  And isn’t Tropa de Elita the best example that the War on Drugs causes much more deaths and annoyances than the drugs themselves do?

Legalize drugs and dismantel BOPE.  Do you really think the drug ‘lords’ have such a ‘nice’ life?  Look at the pictures in the newspapers of the guys shot by BOPE; you can hardly call them drug-barons-.  True, they carry guns.  But contrary to BOPE or the US war against drugs their war has a purpose: gain money; in most cases to survive.

The drug war is a long, slow, devastating failure and Tropa de Elite depicts how Rio suffers from it.
Foreign policy published today an excellent 4 video feature on the subject.