Olympische spelen 2016 – Olympic games 2016

August 2, 2009 · 0 comments

October will be an interesting month: massive job losses and bankrupcies in Belgium, painful government measures to get the budget in control, the Mexican fever spreading allover and…
the decission on the city which will host the Olympic games 2016.

It’s clear the race is on between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. Personally I would consider it very unfair if after London Chicago would be elected.  Two of the world’s biggest most faltering cities hosting the Olympics. South America deserves to host the Olympics for the first time and Rio is ready for it.

But… American pride and Barack’s ego…
The only real issue for Barack: Chicago can’t afford to host the Olympics; the city is completely bankrupt and there is massive opposition against spending tax-payers money for hosting these games.  Some people even organized themselves and setup the No Games in Chicago initiativeEven the New York Times reports on it. Also Chicagoist asked the question last week: Is Chicago ready to host the Olympics?  The answer is no.

Give Brazil the chance they deserve to prove themselves.