Airline passenger security

November 1, 2010 · 1 comment

In 2011 it will have been 10 years since I set foot in a US airport (and as a consequence the US as a whole). In 2001 I swore never to set foot in a US airport again after a hilarious security event in Miami airport. Same for the UK, in 2006 I made a pledge to always avoid Heathrow, for the same reasons.

That being said, security allover the world now indeed risks to get to absurd levels again after the Jemen Cargo ‘event’.
Did you notice that these packages were found exactly two days after the attack of the Chairman of British Airways on the absurd security rules of the United States? Martin Broughton, BA’s chairman, complained pecifically about separate checks of laptop computers and forcing people to take off their shoes for checking, saying that such measures are “completely redundant,” as the Financial Times on October 27th. And then two days later this “cartridge bombs” was found ast Mid Eastlands airport. And the bomb package was was tipped of by…MI6, the buddies of the US.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.
A manipulated media stunt, quite possible.

The money (and well paid jobs) behind this “United States security paranoia” is massive. And we Europeans contribute to this (with time and money), even when we have nothing to do with this US paranoia as O’Reily from Ryanair rigtfully declared yesterday.

Take Brazil, no swifter country in the world to get through security and a booming country when it comes to plane movements: air traffic in Brazil went up by 30% in September, totaling now 6,09 billion passenger kilometers. The US even donates scanners to Brazil, the country would otherwise not spend money in upgrading them (right they are). And yet, do you know of any terrorist attack (or attempt) coming from a plane that took off in Brazil?

On the contrary, when US Air Marshals tend to get their hands on a passenger who dares to speak up, their passport is confiscated and the Brazilian court has their final word on them (if they would have the US Marshalls let escape with a false pasport). Thumbs up for standing up against these US gangsters who police even beyond their own borders. Honestly, who sincerely believes the woman (who was the wife of a judge, wroing pick Marshall guys…) was drunk and going to the alley of a Continental plane for more drinks? (btw: on Continental 128 I would also tend to go for a drink).

It’s time Europeans speak up against the absurd US security measures the US imposes on us and the world.