Belgium – Brazil

June 21, 2012 · 0 comments

I did the count for the Belgian taxman: on avareg I have been less than half of the time in Belgium since 2007; a big chunk of those foreign days I’ve spend for work in Brasil.

Landed in Belgium yesterday for 10 days.
Each time I land it becomes the differences of both countries become more obvious; it’s the small things that make such big differences. I decided to keep a list these days, keep checking it, work in progress.

Belgium, the good (+) and the bad (-)

+ The parking spaces are huge; i mean HUGE.
+ Driving is so safe, so safe.  I can nearly drive while sleeping.
–  The foreigners are so… foreign.
–  Banking is medieval.  Seriously, driving to ING Kouter to be able to deposit money (not even talking what it takes to deposit foreign currency)
– Robbery on every corner.  Everyone (rightfully) terrified of pickpockets; it starts in Zaventem.
+ Belgian supermarkets are cheap; I mean CHEAP.
+ Vegeteables are so fresh and good looking.
+ Delhaize.  I miss Delhaize so much in Brasil !!
– Grey.  Grey, always grey.
– Service in restaurants are horrible; rude, slow, nobody attending me.  I miss my Brasilian waiters and waitresses so much.
– Everyone is so unfriendly.  Smile people, smile and make me smile.  It’s your duty.
– I miss the Brazilian humble “Tudo bem, graca a deus