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July 2012

Twitter weekly updates for 2012-07-30

July 30, 2012

1977 – on repeat, brushing up my Spanish accent # Brasil is now the biggest developer of mobile apps worldwide: # New York-to-Rio Private Jets Spur Honeywell to Add Engine Thrust – Businessweek # Housing Headwinds: US Birthrate Lowest in 25 Years as Twenty-Somethings Postpone Having Babies # * Brazil's Tombini: […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-07-23

July 23, 2012

Put Your Seatbelts On, It's About to Get Bumpy! it will get ugly indeed; amazing Belgium is in a cloud of optimism # Prepare for Spanish Implosion: Businesses Threaten to Leave Spain Over Tax Hikes; # Belgian consumer confidence record low Brazilian confidence record high – it's the confidence,… # China […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-07-16

July 16, 2012

Brian Chesky: "We expect that Brazil will be one of the biggest markets for Airbnb in the world" # RT @rooshv: Portugal is dying People with skills are getting the hell out of here # RT @umairh: Call me crazy, but we should be building starships instead of bailing out banks. # Looking […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-07-09

July 9, 2012

‘iPad mini’ to be produced in Brazil for autumn 2012 launch # Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Getting Screwed As Stimulus Funds Go To State Firms, same story with BNDES in Brasil # : all online music integrated # Why Euro startups are targeting Brazil # Brazil Introduces Law To Protect Public Health […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-07-02

July 2, 2012

China Manufacturing Growth Slows ; the country will crash bigtime # UN loses green mojo # BRICS bank 'to boost South Africa' # The Great Depression Again? # Absa first-half earnings to fall 10% # What was Spain supposed to have done? #

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