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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-10-15

October 15, 2012

Europe to introduce Jobim-tax http://t.co/vWcyQtwW I predicted this to happen in August 2007 http://t.co/d7cSRsZS # SAA CEO resigns http://t.co/sEyNDVZe ; Siza: keep my Rio > Cape Town flight on the radar, ok? # Rio bets it can be Brazil's 'Silicon Beach' http://t.co/kknhVz9u #

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-10-08

October 8, 2012

Exactly the question I have been posing the last 4 years: “What if the Global Financial Crisis is Permanent?” http://t.co/4xvZR9Uc # Europeanen kiezen voor Zuid-Amerika http://t.co/hJ3mZbuF # Brazil's Illusion of Wealth Forgets "Made in Brazil" Is Not the Same as "Created in Brazil" http://t.co/STBBVJFs # From Brazil Cost to Brazil Profit: Why are electronics so […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-10-01

October 1, 2012

Aluguéis comerciais sobem 24%, novo recorde http://t.co/cnmP4uke # South Africa drifts under Jacob Zuma – http://t.co/OG54gi54 http://t.co/OvGSwz2z # In Brazil: The Poor Get Richer Faster http://t.co/BOaP71f2 # Smart Money Bets on Brazil as ETF Rakes in Assets http://t.co/RTUsWA54 # Drug decriminalization would remap Rio de Janeiro http://t.co/h4AuMGb0 # Chart of the day: The long decline of […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-09-24

September 24, 2012

35 million Brazilians ascend to middle class in past decade http://t.co/byuK0Ca9 #

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-09-10

September 10, 2012

Body-conscious Brazilians losing battle of the bulge | ArabNews http://t.co/LZDRkxgX # Are Chinese Banks Hiding “The Mother of All Debt Bombs”? http://t.co/u6b8prcG # London luxury home market risks price crash http://t.co/S2COJf0B # Video: wegdromen, en binnen drie minuten Rio ontdekken :: nrc.nl http://t.co/OzfMuMU8 #

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-09-03

September 3, 2012

Brazilian Wind Turbines: *These babies ought to be the very symbols of BRIC futurity http://t.co/CpVoaBEU # The Eurozone Unemployment Numbers Are In And They're Ugly http://t.co/m3CoSpGm; wow, whata contrast with Brasil's record low unempl figures # UN Warns Of 'Catastrophic' Rise In European Youth Unemployment If Greece Left The Eurozone http://t.co/P33dSePN # `Brazil withstanding worst […]

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Twitter weekly updates for 2012-08-27

August 27, 2012

PIB chegará no final do ano crescendo 4%, diz Mantega http://t.co/6nXFrhT2 # Ricos franceses ameaçam deixar o país se taxa sobre fortunas for aprovada http://t.co/Fkx1skQ2 #

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